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General objective

Coordinate with affected communities and their representative organizations, the design and implementation of a General Plan for Recovery and Sustainable Development of the Affected Area and to ensure genuine participation and decision making of communities and their representative bodies at various stages.

Specific objectives

  • Fund activities and work that requires reconstruction, rehabilitation, social, economic and material of the population in affected areas.
  • Run directly or through public or private persons, plans and programs for reconstruction and rehabilitation of the affected area.
  • Received for the community and distribute directly or through other entities, domestic and foreign donations to be made to avert the calamity.
  • Through the design of a coherent transportation policy promoting regional development and retrieve vialmente (vehicular and pedestrian) to the affected area.
  • Promote the creation of companies, firms or establishments in the terms and with the benefits embodied in Act 218 of November 18, 1995.
  • Retrieve, promote and strengthen traditional forms of economy and market that had been developed communities affected by economic, technical and social.
  • Implement a comprehensive system of health care, preparing conditions for strengthening its structure and contributing to the construction of food safety methods and processes of reconstruction, upgrading and expanding the network of health services and sanitation in the affected area but with emphasis on awareness of the institutional sectors to recognize and respect indigenous cultures.
  • Train communities in search of recovery and rational management of the ecological environment, which guarantees a harmonious development in the present and future.
  • Acquire property for the relocation of indigenous and mestizo communities affected by the earthquake and flood, buy upgrades in the indigenous reserves in regions suitable for housing construction and development of productive activities, all of this through consultation with affected communities, authorities, local governments and social groups from the departments of Cauca and Huila.
  • Rebuild, repair, relocate, schools and colleges affected by the earthquake. Providing school supplies to improve efficiency levels and provide training to teachers to improve the teaching-learning process.
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