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  1. Finance activities and works that require reconstruction and social rehabilitation, economic and material of the population in affected areas.
  2. Run directly or through public or private persons plans and programs for reconstruction and rehabilitation of the affected area, including production projects.
  3. Acquire property through voluntary negotiation directly or through expropriation by judicial or administrative, in the following cases:
    • In disaster areas and risk for the construction, reconstruction and development of urban areas or other affected areas, and to prevent settlement in hazardous areas.
    • In areas of influence, to create urban and rural infrastructure adequate to house and provide housing for the affected population.
  4. Coordinate construction activities, housing, utilities, community facilities and provision of credit and guarantees to make public institutions, regions and people directly affected.
  5. Received for the community and distribute, directly or through other entities, domestic and foreign donations to be made to avert the calamity.
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